Terra Uranium Limited is building on a strategic position in the premier Athabasca Basin, Canada, which contains the world’s largest and highest grade uranium deposits.
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About Terra Uranium Limited

Terra Uranium Limited is building on a strategic position in the premier Athabasca Basin, Canada, which contains the world’s largest and highest-grade uranium deposits. Canada is a politically stable jurisdiction with established access to global uranium markets. We are currently targeting greenfield discovery and brownfield developments close to existing production infrastructure to play a role in decarbonised energy.

Why Uranium in Canada:

Uranium mined from the Athabasca Basin, under rigorous environmental, social and governance oversight from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission is powering the worlds transition to a low carbon energy future. Nuclear power is the only reliable, 24/7, long term zero carbon power source for grid stability. However, due to decades long weakness in the uranium price and associated production curtailment there is a looming shortage of supply to meet the rapidly increasing demand.

The favourable supply demand fundamentals are just now beginning to be realized in the uranium market, resulting in strong spot and long-term uranium price performance. Strong uranium prices are necessary to ensure supply needs are met and these prices are sustainable due to primary uranium fuel accounting for less than 1% of the total nuclear power cost.

Why Athabasca:

Our review of uranium producers globally highlighted the Athabasca Basin as the most favourable jurisdiction from a sovereign, technical and financial risk perspective. The Athabasca Basin in Canada contains some of the largest and highest-grade deposits in the world, offers political stability and has established access to global uranium markets. This is where we focused our search and secured the three projects in HawkRock, Pasfield Lake and Parker Lake.

Uranium Expertise:

The Company is led by a Board and Management with a combined +100 years of experience in Uranium exploration, development and importantly production. Past success with the likes of Cameco, NexGen and Alligator Energy are used to guide and build the Company with our dedicated exploration team based locally in Saskatoon, Canada.

The company lodged an “Application for In-Principal Advice” to list on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX Listing Rules 1.1 condition 1 and 1.19) which was accepted in April 2022. A Prospectus to raise between $6m and $7.5m will be lodged shortly with ASIC for listing on the ASX under code T92.

The Company’s key uranium projects are located in the Eastern Athabasca which contains the world’s largest high-grade uranium deposits close to production infrastructure.

The projects are


  • HawkRock
  • Pasfield Lake
  • Parker Lake