High-Quality Uranium Assets in the Athabasca Basin

Terra Uranium Limited is building on a strategic position in the premier Athabasca Basin, Canada, which contains the world’s largest and highest-grade uranium deposits. Canada is a politically stable jurisdiction with established access to global uranium markets.

We are currently targeting greenfield discovery and brownfield developments close to existing production infrastructure to play a role in decarbonised energy.

The Company is led by a Board and Management with a combined +100 years of experience in Uranium exploration, development and importantly production. Past successwith the likes of Cameco, NexGen and Alligator Energy are being used to guide and build the Company. Our dedicated exploration team is based in Saskatoon, Canada.

"Alongside renewables, energy efficiency and other innovate technologies, nuclear can make a significant contribution to achieving sustainable energy goals and enhancing energy security"

Fatih Birol

Executive Director, International Energy Agency

Since incorporation in June 2021 the Company has:

  • Undertaken pre-listing activities and the Pre-IPO Placement;
  • Assembled a highly skilled and experienced geological and management team based in Saskatoon, Canada;
  • Undertaken a data compilation and prospectivity analysis of the eastern Athabasca Basin;
  • Formed Terra Uranium Canada Limited, a wholly owned Canadian subsidiary;
  • Staked and been granted 100% of 16 Claims over a total area of 1008 km2 forming the HawkRock Project, the Pasfield Lake Project and the Parker Lane Project;
  • Defined the initial exploration programs and budgets for each of the Projects, and
  • Lodged, and been granted, an Application in Principal to list on the ASX.

Terra Uranium currently has three 100% wholly owned Projects covering a total of 1008 km2 sin the eastern Athabasca Basin. These are HawkRock, Pasfield Lake and Parker Lake. The Projects are located in the eastern Athabasca region in Canada which hosts the renowned Cigar Lake and McArthur River deposits which are being used as exploration analogues.

Terra Uranium purpose is:

Cost effective discovery

To build on the successful history in the uranium industry of the Board and Management to lead the cost effective discovery and development of uranium resources.

Outstanding opportunity

To provide an outstanding opportunity for investors to participate in a discovery-leveraged investment in Uranium;

Technical expertise

To apply technical expertise and disciplined allocation of capital to maximise returns for shareholders

Terra Uranium

The Company’s exploration strategy is based on discovery of Tier 1 deposits like McArthur River and Cigar Lake in unconformity or sediment hosted settings under deep cover. Our dedicated exploration team is based locally in Saskatoon, Canada.

The company has lodged an “Application for In-Principal Advice” to list on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX Listing Rules 1.1 condition 1 and 1.19) which was accepted in April 2022. A Prospectus to raise between $6m and $7.5m will be lodged shortly with ASIC and for listing on the ASX under code T92 will follow.